Op Ed: Kubrick, Clemenceau, and Cryptocurrencies: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Digital Money

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Executive Brief

One of the most serious challenges preventing widespread acceptance of cryptocurrency by the general public is the sense of unease most people experience when confronted with new ideas. And since the existing monetary system seems, at least on the surface, to meet that public’s current needs, most people are fearful of anything that might upset the status quo. As a result of that fear, new concepts like digital currency are often viewed with distrust.

Still, if history teaches us anything about societal changes, it is that the most radical shifts in the status quo are typically viewed with skepticism when they first begin to emerge. From the automobile to computers and the internet, each new major advance in modern life has struggled against the tide of history before finally gaining the recognition and acceptance needed to fundamentally improve our lives. One of those most recent advancements – the internet – should serve as a clear example of why we have no reason to fear digital currency, and should in fact be cheering the potential benefits it offers to a world in desperate need of a shift in paradigm.

As former French Prime Minister Georges Clemenceau once observed, “War is too serious a matter to entrust to military men.” And though that sentiment was disputed by many military men – including the fictional General Jack D. Ripper in the movie Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, it has nevertheless remained a governing philosophy in many nations around the world. That notion – that even recognized experts in a field are not always the best qualified to govern everything that occurs within its realm – is echoed in society’s approach to many areas of daily life.

Take the internet, for example. While it is by no means as decentralized as it was four decades ago – or as decentralized as many advocates are pushing for it to become, it still remains something that more closely resembles an active force of nature than anything designed by government central planners. In fact, the example provided by the internet is one of the reasons why a growing number of people are becoming more comfortable with digital currencies like Bitcoin and DNotes.

The Reasons for Distrust

Many proponents of cryptocurrency have yet to understand why so much of the public remains distrustful of the very notion of digital currency. To be sure, much of their discomfort comes from either not having heard anything about it or from the fact that they cannot imagine any other type of monetary system than the fiat money that has been at the center of their financial existence all their lives. That can cause them to view digital currencies as little more than a curiosity, and thus scarcely worthy of further investigation.

Others, however, have different reservations that prevent them from seeing the potential benefits cryptocurrency can provide. Many of these people have a distrust of anything digital, since they associate the digital universe with a lack of security and oversight – traits that are unlikely to generate trust in the minds of consumers who expect money to be secure. Many believe Bitcoin, DNotes, and other cryptocurrencies to be nothing more than software. And since software can be hacked, they view the entire concept of digital currency with skepticism.

The problem with that outlook is that it ignores the reality of what digital currency actually is. In many respects, it can be useful to think about cryptocurrency in the same way that we think about the internet. Indeed, they have much in common with one another, particularly when you consider the similarities between their architectural frameworks, and the way in which we utilize them. Understanding those similarities can help you to better understand why digital currency is safer and more relevant than most people think.

The Internet and Cryptocurrency

In many ways, the rise of the internet and cryptocurrency parallel one another to a large degree. In the early days of the internet, it was a decentralized project that was largely consigned to the fringes of society. It was not until later that large companies and other entities began to impose more centralized control over the structure and infrastructure of the internet and its services. Today, much of that initial decentralization has been submerged beneath layers of corporate control, and most people remain blissfully unaware of just how centralized everything is when it comes to the architecture that powers their internet.

Digital currency shared similar beginnings. Bitcoin’s basic protocol – the blockchain – is a decentralized ledger system that relies on multiparty consensus to power its operations. This decentralization leaves its operations outside the control of multinational corporations or government entities, in much the same way that the internet existed at its earliest stages. And, like the internet, Bitcoin and other digital currencies only interest a small portion of the population at the present time.

At their core levels, both the internet and the blockchain protocol that empowers digital currency provide us with the type of open platforms needed for all manner of disruptive creativity. The open architecture of the internet provided the creative freedom needed for the establishment of everything from the World Wide Web to social media platforms, Google, and giant internet companies. When the internet was young, few people envisioned just how disruptive it would eventually be to the established order of things, or the extent to which it would spawn innovation.

The Bitcoin blockchain is where the internet was in those early days. It remains the decentralized ledger it was designed to be, but few have yet to grasp its real potential. Sure, Bitcoin, DNotes, and other prominent cryptocurrencies make solid use of the blockchain architecture, but those currencies are really just the frontrunners to the more pervasive and society-altering changes that blockchain promises. Its potential for increased efficiencies in banking, accounting, and other important areas of societal interaction is already being acknowledged by many.

Just as the internet served as the platform for a wide range of applications that have literally transformed the way modern society functions, so too can Bitcoin’s blockchain radically alter the way that we deal with finance, record-keeping, and many other transactions. And, just as most people were completely unaware of the internet’s true potential in the earliest days of its existence, the vast majority of people today have no idea how digital currency and the blockchain that enables it may soon reshape their lives.

Similar Challenges

Of course, it is also worthy of noting that the challenges confronting Bitcoin and the blockchain also echo many of the difficulties faced by the early internet. The technology is still evolving, digital currency continues to impact only a small portion of the population, and there is a need for greater scalability if the blockchain is ever going to provide a platform for the type of disruptive innovation many people now envision.

Cryptocurrency proponents and skeptics alike, however, should take comfort from the knowledge that the internet not only faced those same challenges, but overcame them. Today, those challenges are long forgotten by a society that has seen that platform’s potential for enhanced commercial activity and ease of access to information realized to an extent that even the most farsighted dreamers never imagined possible. More importantly, those changes have occurred at a rate of speed that seems dizzying when compared to the long, slow march of history. There is good reason to believe that the future of digital money and the blockchain can be every bit as transformative.

Learn to Stop Worrying

Here’s the thing to remember about advancements like the internet, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and the blockchain: the vast majority of people always dismiss such ideas in the early years after their creation. Just a few short decades ago, the average internet user regarded the internet as little more than a tool for entertainment. As businesses migrated onto the World Wide Web in large numbers, and companies like Google figured out how to harness the power of the Net, its usefulness grew by leaps and bounds. Today, the internet is an integral part of many people’s lives, and few of them can imagine life without it.

Bitcoin and blockchain are at a similar point in their own evolutionary journey. The base of people for whom digital currency has relevance remains small, and its impact on the broader society has yet to materialize. In spite of that, entrepreneurs and existing businesses are already seeing the potential, and making the types of investments that can fuel growth. Even governments are taking notice, as they wrestle with decisions about how best to co-exist with these new currencies.

More importantly, we must recognize the broader trend in the world today. The desire for decentralization is all the rage these days, and there are groups across the world struggling to decouple humanity from the type of centralized control that has defined most of its existence. Just look at the various proposals for replacing the current internet with one that is completely decentralized, peer-to-peer lending opportunities, and crowdfunding. These and other innovative strategies are all born out of the desire to reduce centralized control over our lives.

Clemenceau’s observation about war and military leaders was poignant, and is echoed to some extent by the drive toward decentralized internet and currency. The internet provides access to information and capabilities that are so important to individual liberty that they should not be entrusted to policy makers and other elites. Most people would justifiably object to the notion that government should have the power to control access to websites – something we already see happening in many repressive regimes around the world. Those same people should be at least nominally concerned that governments have so much control over their money.

The decentralization of the internet holds forth the promise of the democratization of the internet. Decentralized money is democratized money that is no longer subject to whims and caprices of those who control the current fiat monetary system. Together, these two advancements can pave the path to a future where no one is denied access to opportunity due to the circumstances of his or her birth – a future where central planners cannot devalue your money just to improve their own political fortunes.

A future with digital currency in it is a more democratized future, and one that we should all embrace. So, learn to stop worrying, and learn to love cryptocurrency. It’s just a matter of time before it changes all our lives for the better.

Authors: Alan Yong, Ken Chase

This article first appeared at DCEBrief.com http://dcebrief.com/kubrick-clemenceau-and-cryptocurrencies-how-i-learned-to-stop-worrying-and-love-digital-money/ 

VodaNet Starts Accepting Bitcoin To Offer Better Ease To Direct Selling Business Opportunity Customers

Bitcoin Press Release: VodaNet primarily deals in selling vacation packages at cheaper rates and has recently introduced the provision to make payment with Bitcoin. This is an extremely useful feature which will reap dividends for all involved in the innovative direct selling company.

VodaNet is one of the top direct selling companies that offers amazing income opportunities to people. They are one of the pioneering names in update technologies.

Recently, in their bid to further grow their business and procure more clients and make it easier for them to have a flourishing business, the company decided to start accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment.

There are plenty of advantages of choosing Bitcoin as it gives a financial freedom to VodaNet IBOs. Not only this, the fees are pretty low and it also facilitates easy transfer as well. Most users who work in the field of direct selling have always recommended the use of Bitcoin and thus this move has been appreciated by plenty of people.

One of the key spokesmen was quoted as saying,

“Our decision to accept Bitcoin payment option was taken because we realized that it will allow customers and partners to interact with us easily. This will ensure that partners won’t need to worry about crossing borders, rescheduling for bank holidays or any other limitation anymore.”

He further added that,

“Bitcoin integrated into the payment options for customers at check-out will allow them to purchase vacation packages and even send and get money anywhere in the world at any given time.”

No doubt, VodaNet is very hopeful that in the times to come, they will succeed in further pushing their popularity even further as by incorporating Bitcoin, they have added a much larger facility to their team. Payment options can often be one big determining factor for those who are looking to get involved in direct selling. Bitcoin can be used on the website for both buying new vacation packages and even to withdraw earning commissions gained from partners too.

The company has managed to do a commendable job so far and the results have been spectacular. With this change, they are hopeful that the company can see a lot more business and achieve greater heights as well. To know more about the kind of work which the company has done, one can visit https://www.voda.net/ and explore the details.

Contact Information

Contact Person: Ivan Nechayev

Contact Number: + 442081448653

Email-id: ivan@voda.net

Website: https://www.voda.net/

Address: 23 Grachechurch st, London

VodaNet Screenshot

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Official Launch of Bitcoin.com Forum and News Platform

Bitcoin Press Release: As well as advice for beginners, Bitcoin.com has a news section a rapidly growing forum, buy bitcoins page and bitcoin wallets page where anyone can choose from all types of wallets or buy bitcoins from trusted exchanges. Built on the Ultimate Bitcoin domain name newly launched Bitcoin.com aims to become the most comprehensive Bitcoin portal in the world.

Bitcoin’s first angel investor Roger Ver is pleased to announce Bitcoin.com; an innovative collaborative platform for both novice and veteran members of the Bitcoin community. To increase digital currency awareness, Bitcoin.com will be a platform for the community, by the community by sending in articles or by starting posts on the forum. We encourage everyone to register and win $1,000 Bitcoin prize for the most appreciated post.

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Education to raise further awareness about Bitcoin and digital currency is much needed, and Roger Ver himself has personally overseen the launch of Bitcoin.com. With Bitcoin’s very first angel investor at the helm, Bitcoin.com will be steered in a clear direction while keeping a strong focus on community involvement.

Established on the most important domain name in the industry, Bitcoin.com strives to become the best Bitcoin portal in the world, and in case you would like to manage your own bitcoin.com subdomain we are happy to announce that We are open to leasing subdomains to trustworthy partners. Some possibilities are: shop.bitcoin.com, mining.bitcoin.com, spend.bitcoin.com, name.bitcoin.com, etc.

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Bitcoin screenshot


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Bitcoin Gaming Platform CryptoGames.io Crosses 2.5 Million Wins, Launches Wheel of Fortune Game

Bitcoin Press Release: Having reached a significant milestone of over 2.5 million wins, custom developed Bitcoin gaming platform CryptoGames is pleased to announce the launch of its new Wheel of Fortune Game.

Having launched in May 2015, CryptoGames.io developed an entirely original online Bitcoin casino with 4 provably fair games, presented in outstanding design. In less than half a year, CryptoGames crossed over 5 million bets so far with more than 2.6 million wins to the tune of 970 bitcoins. Recently, the platform presented a brand new game, Wheel of Fortune, which is actually 3 games in one, differing by design and payout options.

Wheel of Fortune is the 4th game on CryptoGames, after Dice, Minesweeper and 777 Slots. Users are free to choose from various layouts of playing field: Steampunk, Cyber or Festival wheels. Not only they differ by design, each also has distinct payout multipliers: .2-3 for the Steampunk Wheel; .7-2 for the Cyber Wheel, and .1-3 for the Festival Wheel. Expected return for wheels are 95.29%, 98.23%, and 97.05% respectively.

To start playing Wheel of Fortune, a user should make a bet and spin the wheel. Each time a wheel stops to spin, the initial bet multiplies. Wheel of Fortune can be played with real money deposited by users in Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Dogecoin. Alternatively, players have the possibility to practice with virtual money before starting to bet on real ones, or use the faucet.

About CryptoGames:

CryptoGames is the first ever cryptocurrency casino combined with in-house developed custom provably fair games, providing a chance to earn Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies in a fun and entertaining way. Cryptogames does not require any registration, thus, users can start playing right after entering the website. Each new player gets a unique username that is generated and saved in the Internet browser cookies. Instant deposits can be made with three most popular cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin. CryptoGames offers a unique affiliate program and a free cryptocurrency faucet as well.

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Media Contact

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CryptoGames Logo

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Buy Bitcoin With Credit Card Worldwide: CEX.IO Bitcoin Exchange Lowers Fees

Bitcoin exchange CEX.IO is pleased to announce lower fees for payment card deposits in USD and EUR to 3.5% + $0.25/€0.20 respectively. Anyone can easily buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies worldwide, with debit cards and credit cards issued in any local national currency.

CEX.IO claims to provide the best experience of buying Bitcoins with credit cards and debit cards. The assertion is based on the exchange’s ideal conditions for quick and successful processing of card payments, the wide range of acceptable payment cards, and numerous positive feedbacks from users.

“Literally, we provide an opportunity to buy Bitcoin in just a few clicks with almost any type of the card issued in any currency of the world,” Jeffrey Smith, Chief Information Officer of CEX.IO. “This is one of the key advantages our exchange possesses, and together with our PSS partners we continue bringing fees down and creating an even more attractive Bitcoin marketplace for broad audiences.”

Users of CEX.IO Bitcoin exchange are able to fund an account up to $2,000 or €2,000 with a simplified verification procedure, or increase limits to $100,000 per month after identity verification.

The number of cards linked to a profile is absolutely unlimited. Card credentials are saved in the card manager of user’s profile. Thus, for all further deposits, users only need to choose a card from the list and confirm the payment.

Apart from exchange and trading features, CEX.IO allows easy and instant Bitcoin purchase via pre-configured bundles in the amount of $100, $200, $500, and $1,000, which can be spent on Bitcoins. The prices for bundles depend on the current market price and are recalculated every 120 seconds.

About CEX.IO

CEX.IO is a UK-based Bitcoin cryptocurrency exchange established in 2013. The exchange offers a wide range of payment instruments, such as payment cards, wire transfer, SEPA, AstroPay, Skrill, and others. CEX.IO provides trouble-free services backed by cold cryptocurrency storage, financial viability, and profound legal compliance.

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The story of the 95 BTC win at BitStarz Bitcoin Casino

History has been made by a BitStarz player a few weeks ago. The fortunate player has broken the record by managing to land the biggest win. Just a few days ago, history was made once again when a new depositing player carried home a huge amount of money to the tune of 95.106 BTC. The player was playing the famous slot Lucky Coin.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015 will be remembered as the date in which BitStarz Casino paid out two great achievers in less than a fortnight.

The far-fetched record-breaking win by a new player is evidence that beginner’s fortune has visited BitStarz once again. In just one spin, the player, commonly nicknamed as “badwinner” took home 95BTC. Consequently, the player can pride himself as the champion for the single largest win in the history of BitStarz.

The win occurred on one of the most popular slot games in the casino, Lucky Coin. The slot itself is a stunning premium slot with an Asian theme, and features a thrilling free spins bonus round joined to a generous multiplier.  The player won the kindness of the game as one of his spins led to 5 scatters and over €20,000 payout.

In Europe, BitStarz is the top Bitcoin Casino.  The casino does not only provide a wide range of premium slots, over 550 to be exact, but also table games from the most reputable online software providers.

Sasha Jade, BitStarz marketing manager has said that once again the casino was bringing much joy to one of their players. She expressed the feeling that she was surprised by the amount that has been won. She continued to state that the most recent winner has broken the record in BitStarz. Finally, she added that their hard work has paid off and the casino will not relent giving a great experience to the players while maintaining best quality of games and services.

After the big win, BitStarz informed the player immediately.  The player was thrilled:

“I was at a restaurant and when the 5 scatters came I jumped out of my seat! I was blown away! I will use the money to upgrade to a newer car and will print and frame the winning round to have as a trophy on my wall!”

About BitStarz


BitStarz is the top casino brand and is leading in the Bitcoin Casino industry. The company prides itself of being the first to offer gambling in Bitcoin and real money.  In its collection, it provides more than 550 games. The company is licensed by Antillephone N.V., established in Curacao.

For more info, please contact sasha.jade@bitstarz.com

Press contact:

Sasha Jade
Marketing Manager



Bitcoin Lottery YABTCL Offers Over 1 BTC In Free Draws, Introduces Unprecedented Variable House Edge Feature

Bitcoin Press Release: Provably fair online Bitcoin lottery platform YABTCL has implemented an unprecedented variable house edge feature, giving the lottery less advantage over the player than in traditional draws. YABTCL recently celebrated its 2nd year of smooth operations.

Provably fair online Bitcoin lottery YABTCL just released their variable house edge system in their instant lottery this week, where users can play with a house edge varying from 1% to 0% depending on the conditions they meet. Variable house edge Bitcoin lottery gaming is so far unprecedented, and offers more favorable conditions to players.

To give back to the Bitcoin community, YABTCL is pleased to offer a free entry lottery with jackpots greater than 1 BTC. They have a wide variety of games and all games are provably fair. Players can also play anonymously, without needing to register an account.

The online Bitcoin lottery platform utilizes blockchain technology to ensure all scheduled lotteries are provably fair. YABTCL’s system is 100% transparent; using the blockchain to generate winning numbers, and to timestamp tickets used in the draws.

YABTCL also offers a multi-level referral system. The generous multi-level referral system pays out to three levels below the referred player.

The platform also offers an investment system in their scheduled lotteries, and as blockchain data is used to generate winning numbers, the system is also provably fair to BTC investors.

With its provably fair lotteries based on Bitcoin’s blockchain technology, variable house edge, anonymous playing options, multi-level referral system, provably fair investor option and more, YABTCL is on the cutting edge of online Bitcoin gaming.

For more information please visit: http://yabtcl.com

Media contact:

City and Country Location: London, UK

Name: Leandro Martins Morris

Email: yabtcl@yabtcl.com
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DNotes Live on Cryptsy For Bitcoin Trading, Growth of Ecosystem With World’s First Cryptocurrency Savings Accounts Continues Unabated

Stable Bitcoin alternative DNotes has just been added to reputable Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange Cryptsy. DNotes offers a complete digital currency infrastructure; including the world’s first Cryptocurrency Investment Savings Plans.

Chicago, Illinois – DNotes is pleased to announce it has recently been added to reputable digital currency exchange Cryptsy. Operating for over 2 years, Cryptsy has more than 270 000 registered users with over 300 000 trades taking place on the platform every day. Cryptsy accepting DNotes helps solidify DNotes’ extensive ecosystem; which includes the world’s first long term cryptocurrency savings plans (CRISPs), DCEBrief.com which offers the latest digital currency news for busy executives, DNotesVault guaranteed safe coin storage, and women oriented cryptocurrency neutral platform CryptoMoms.com.

Now that DNotes is on Cryptsy, there is the possibility of a DNotes / USD currency trading pair in future. If that occurs, DNotes’ innovative Cryptocurrency Investment Savings Plans will be even more accessible to everyday people worldwide. The DNotes’ team has plans for their own in-house DNotes / USD trading platform, but no hard launch date has been announced as of yet.

About DNotes, CRISPs, and Alan Yong:

Launched in February 2014, DNotes is led by experienced tech entrepreneur Alan Yong. Yong founded Dauphin Technology in 1989 and created the Dauphin DTR, a powerful windows-based miniature computer that competed with Apple’s Newton computer that evolved into the iPhone we know today.

DNotes is a currency for everyone – unborn to most senior, rich or poor. Over the last year DNotes successfully launched the world’s first Cryptocurrency Investment Savings Plans (CRISPs) for employees, children, students, and retirement. CRISPs provide a 100% guarantee matching fund verifiable on the transparent blockchain and embedded in DNotesVault.com infrastructure. For the first time, DNotes’ CRISPs and DNotesVault allow anyone worldwide to take advantage of the unprecedented opportunities provided by digital currency. DNotes’ latest project to launch is DCEBrief.com.

About DCEBrief:

DCEBrief’s mission is to provide objective, unbiased news on the latest developments in the world of Bitcoin and Digital Currency, in “Executive Summary” format, with no censorship or fillers. DCEBrief offers decision makers, busy executives and everyday people worldwide access to the information they need, to help them understand the often misunderstood Digital Currency industry.

About CryptoMoms:

In 2014 DNotes founded Cryptomoms.com, an online community to encourage and assist women to participate in the emerging world of cryptocurrencies overwhelmingly dominated by men. Surveys from 2014 show that 95% of cryptocurrency participants are male even though women account for 50% of the buying power. CryptoMoms is a platform fully equipped with a forum, chat, information pages and a full guide on how to store, buy, and sell digital money. It is clear that in order for digital currencies to become truly mainstream the gender imbalance must be corrected.

To visit DCEBrief please go to: http://DCEBrief.com

To learn more about DNotesVault and CRISPs please go to: http://dnotesvault.com

To trade DNotes with Bitcoin on Cryptsy please go to: https://www.cryptsy.com/markets/view/NOTE_BTC

Follow DNotes on twitter: http://twitter.com/dnotescoin

Media contact

Name: Alan Yong

Email: Contact@DNotescoin.com

DNotes Screenshot

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How Anyone, Anywhere Can Make Money With Digital Currency – Bitcoin Alternative DMD’s Team Explains

Backed by the Diamond Foundation and an array of price stability mechanisms and professional services, long term valuable digital currency DMD’s team believes in the potential of cryptocurrency for wealth creation worldwide. DMD recently celebrated its second birthday.

The digital currency industry – while met with controversy in both the governmental and financial sector – has grown rapidly since Bitcoin was first created by Satoshi Nakamoto. Unlike fiat money cryptocurrency is not produced by banks and controlled by governments. It is cheap to transfer and can be protected against inflation. Cryptocurrencies may invoke a paradigm shift to the people’s advantage, especially in countries with restricted finances, as well as to aid the millions of unbanked worldwide.

Cryptocurrencies have two ways of controlling how many coins should exist; ‘Proof-of-Work’, and Proof-of-Stake’, also known as ‘minting’. Mining is the process of adding transaction records to the public ledger through computers solving algorithms. This is the method used when producing Bitcoins. Mining requires a steep learning curve and an initial investment that ranges from a few dollars in a mining pool to several thousand dollars for a physical miner. Mining also requires continuous reinvestment in computer hardware and electricity; which for many poses a significant entry barrier. Proof-of-Stake, on the other hand, is a virtualization of the above process which achieves the same result but is more cost- and energy efficient and requires less expertise from the individual. DMD Diamond combines the strengths of both to create a hybrid system that is not only very effective at securing the network but also highly rewarding for DMD users.

Minting through Proof-of-Stake delivers interest like a bank, however due to the fact that it is not establishment centric, but user oriented, the amount of interest the individual receives is incomparably higher. DMD Diamond’s network algorithms guarantee DMD adopter’s 50% interest annually which in real terms means that a deposited 1000 DMD will yield an additional 500 DMD hands-free. To use a DMD Diamond wallet is as simple as opening the wallet and keeping it running in the background on a PC. This makes DMD an optimal choice for novice and tech-savvy users alike. Diamond´s system is programmed to function automatically and maximize profits for DMD adopters, and not to make profit from users as in traditional banking.

In order to increase the DMD adopters wealth with 50% annually without causing hyperinflation and loss of value Diamond´s system is governed by a predefined and carefully designed issuance model. The model takes into account all possible outcomes and any increase of coin count – created by any number of participants – so that a collapse of DMD Diamond monetary system is at all time prevented. DMD Diamond takes a constantly decreasing inflation approach with the ultimate aim of achieving inflation at par with yearly world gold excavation.

In a time where the banking sector has proven to be unstable and world governments constantly change interest rates, DMD Diamond brings stability with predefined cryptographic algorithms. Modern businesses in any country, with any regime are able to plan not only months but decades ahead when implementing DMD Diamond to their business.

Visit the official DMD website for more information: https://bit.diamonds/

To trade DMD with Bitcoin please go to: https://www.cryptsy.com/markets/view/DMD_BTC

Trade DMD on Bittrex: https://bittrex.com/Market/Index?MarketName=BTC-DMD

Visit Diamond Coin on bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=580725

Follow DMD on twitter: http://twitter.com/dmdcoin

Media contact

Name: Aleksander Ray

Email: contact@bit.diamonds

City and Country Location: Manchester, UK

DMD Logo

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BitStarz Player Wins €51,000 And Breaks The Bitcoin Casino’s Single Win Record

Bitcoin Press Release: A player made a €200 deposit on established Bitcoin casino BitStarz and won €51,438.47 in an unbelievable winning streak lasting 48 hours. Player with a nickname HAMSTERCHOPS is now the record holder for a single win with €16,500 at the online casino.

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015 – Online Bitcoin casino BitStarz has seen the coronation of a new BitStar as a player broke the record for the highest single win in BitStarz history. Player went on a 48 hours long winning streak seeing her deposit of €200 grow to incredible €51438.47 including a Mega Win on the featured game SuperNova. Player was gambling on various slots-games when her lucky BitStar was shining.

The surprised and excited winner Rebecca was quoted shortly after the epic win saying,

“I can hardly believe it! After my first and single deposit on the casino I hit this big! I have never won anything, this is amazing!”

The SuperNova winner did not only win the €16,500 jackpot but also on many other games with the largest pots being from slot-game provider MicroGaming. The 3 reel slot game SuperNova has 27 pay lines, but offers a modern double reel multiplying winnings, hence being the winning player’s favorite game.

The player also won large sums on several other MicroGaming slots like ‘Playboy’, ‘Goldilocks and the Wild Bear’ and ‘Jurassic Park’ with wins of  €10,100, €9,030 and €5,110.

Sasha Jade, Marketing Manager on BitStarz commented:

“It’s great for BitStarz to bring forward such happy moments but even better to be acknowledged for such a juicy payout. We work extremely hard to deliver online entertainment with big payouts and the fastest withdrawals. Such wins go straight to what we hope to offer our customer, a place where they can ‘Dream Big, Win Bigger’ – which just became reality for a lucky player.”

About BitStarz Casino

Malta based transparent bitcoin casino BitStarz holds a gaming license issued from Antillephone N.V., Curacao  and was the first online cryptocurrency casino to offer a multi-currency wallet allowing users to playe both with traditional money and bitcoins.

Bitstarz.com strives to deliver the ultimate player experience and provides games from market leading companies such as MicroGaming, NetEnt and many more. BitStarz is credited as one of the top casinos in the Bitcoin space with a progressive stance to both technology and the entertainment industry; constantly on the hunt for exciting games to add to their portfolio that currently contains more than 550 games.

For more information please visit: www.bitstarz.com

Media contact:

Sasha Jade, Marketing Manager

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